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Our mission is to network locals and visitors into the San Felipe Community while providing a "one stop" for news, events, links, fun finds and hidden treasures in San Felipe, Baja Califonia 

We appreciate sharing your experiences and favorites when it comes to the shopping, dining, clubbing, live music, events, community gatherings, and the things that make San Felipe different from any other place...WE the PEOPLE!


As time changes and San Felipe grows our team mebers of San Felipe Rocks bring our 20+ years of combined experience in Onine Marketing & Event Production to support local small business owners and festivals in and around the San Felipe area.


 Find the best local food clubs shops and accommodations that San Felipe and the surrounding area has to offer.

Always feel free to share your photos of exciting finds local charities events favorite hotels shops and restaurants from San Felipe, Baja California - El Dorado Ranch Rancho Costa Verde  Petes Camp El Paraiso and ALL of the surrounding areas. 

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